Uniform Information

Girls Top Image
Top: Girls
Polos -navy blue, maroon, dark green, and grey only (must be a solid color)
Girls Bottom Image
Bottom: Girls
Khaki or navy shorts, skirt, or jumper. No denim (jeans, shorts, skirts, or jumpers) May wear shorts and skirts of suitable length. Short shorts or short skirts are NOT permissible. No knit, stretch pants, leggings, or sweatpants.
No Rips, Tears, or Holes.
Boys Top Image
Top: Boys
Polos-navy blue, maroon, dark green, and grey only (must be a solid color)

Boys Bottom Image
Bottom: Boys
Khaki or Navy pants or shorts. No denim (jeans or shorts). No checks, stripes or plaids. May wear shorts of suitable length. No sweatpants allowed.
No rips, tears, or holes.
Belt Image
Belts must be worn with pants and shorts.
Girls Socks Image
Girls Socks
Any socks that are appropriate.
Boys Socks Image
Boys Socks
Any socks that are appropriate.
Shoes Image
Tennis Shoes ONLY! No boots, sandals, open toe or open heel, crocs or ballerina flats.
Outerwear Image
Dress students in appropriate outerwear to weather conditions. Throughout the school day, students are NOT allowed to keep coats or unapproved jackets/hoodies on. Sweater/Sweatshirts- Solid Navy, maroon, or dark green with no hoods or writing. (Dress code shirt must be underneath) 

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